Making Crafts With 18 Kindergarten Students At One Time…

I heard about a thousand “Teacher, like this?” and paper elephants put inches away from my face. It’s something kindergarten students love to do–make sure it’s known to the teacher they’re finished their assignment and stick said paper  it in the teachers face while saying “Finished!” more than a few times so that you take the paper from them…It was a bit stressful…Some students  with their papers in hand came after me as I was leaving and I made an effort to pick up my step. I totally ran away because I have five thirty minute classes back to back on Wednesdays. Sometimes I have to go to the bathroom, get some water or print something out in the two minutes I try to give myself between classes. It’s a  go-go-go type of deal.

Two low-level students in my class were switching their sim cards in class while everyone else was doing their work. I had my back turned to write something on the board. I took them both outside with their books and pencils. We sat down on the floor as I explained what they needed to do. They did two questions and one with little help. When they went inside they continued not to do any work. My mistake: next time I’ll sit right between them so that they’ll finish.

I held the two after class and told them I wasn’t happy with their behavior, but they could change that the next day as I would like them to get something from the gift box on Friday.

I stayed after school working on awards for Friday’s gift box reward, sail boats, monster cards and animal bingo cards . I must reiterate that it’s a one time thing for now and I expect them to behave well everyday. I will also get my co-teachers to tell them the same thing in Korean.

Total work hours: 9am-7:45pm Dedicated? Well, there’s just not enough time during Monday through Wednesday to get it all done!

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