13:54 Run After 3 Days Off

What I’m most proud of is that I ran all the way from my front door to Home Plus today! My goal was to run there and then get some food so I wouldn’t have to go later after work–at that point I’m tired and too hungry to go food shopping. But, it doesn’t open until 10am on Mondays! 24 hours don’t start until then! So, I took a cab home…

Yay at running to Home Plus though! My next goal for the end of this week/next is running all the way to Home Plus and back to my apartment–that’d be a thirty minute run! My stomach is still a little upset, but I feel much better than Friday and Saturday combined. Well, since my bike’s waiting to be sprayed again then laquered, I’ll be walking to work until Thursday!

Stats: 0.98 miles, 13 min 54 sec, 103 cal 14:11 pace


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