13:35 Run

Great, another day of running. I felt like I was in the grove past five minutes–like everything settles and I’m running at a normal pace. It was a battle to keep myself going after 8:27, when I started slowing down at the feel of my calves tightening. I stopped at 11:23 to wait for a stop light then continued home.

I’m happy I was able to see a mountain view–but I want less traffic and less crappy side walks to run on…maybe I should consider a track or field, but that I know, would be really boring for me. I’d rather have things to look at and admire… Tomorrow, I’ll try a different route.

Today, I felt like a slow slug and a little mad  that I didn’t go further than I wanted. But I know each day I run I’m a step towards my goal of running  the Yeongdeok 5k July 10th! I know I can!!! Come on 16 minutes!!


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