Bike Project: More Spray Paint?/ Class Observation

I took my bike outside all ready to laquer it up brush-on style and the spray paint rubbed off with one stroke! I’m glad I tried a small  spot. I wonder what would make it run so fast–I know it took two cans to spray my bike blue, but does that mean it needs more?  If anyone knows the answer, please let me know!

School went well. Best classes I’ve had.  In my oldest class I had to give students writing pages because they were saying “mean things” to each other. And even AFTER I made them go outside to do their page! I’ll have to really enforce the no speaking rule in class.

Also, my first grade class was observed this afternoon by Stella (one of the heads of the KDLP school). I did well, but must make sure I make my directions clear. I know for sure we’ll be going at a slower pace because it will help them learn the material. I also need to rearrange seats. Students will be upset, but it’s only for the best!

Feels like Friday today. I’m happy tomorrow is, but even more excited for this weekends baseball game on Saturday and meeting my friends from Jeju, Jinju and Songtan on Sunday. I’m super pumped!


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