13:01: Keeping It Positive

My computer has officially gone blue screen and the hard drive has been wiped clean! All my stuff is gone–internet icons too. So today and for the rest of the week, run and life posts will come before (8:30am) and after (5:30-6pm) classes.

Today’s Run

I had to stop at 11:04, my legs killed. I continued because I really wanted to finish running home. During this run, I wore my new Nike Lunar Clipse shoes. They are the brightest running shoes I’ve ever had–they fit so well and are cushioned perfectly! Take a look:

I left my camera cord at home, so I got a picture from Google.

I feel like my legs aren’t ready to go beyond 0.15 miles! This is not good! I want to run all of the 5k in Yeongdeok not run-walk it. I know there’s nothing wrong with walking, but I never started running by mixing the two. I always ran, and then eventually went out everyday and got better and better. This is just the beginning and it’s a matter of time before I can perform like my old running self. I feel as though running now has become more difficult than before. I keep thinking why aren’t I at 20-25 minutes already?! I don’t like getting angry at myself when my body doesn’t perform well! But so many professional athletes probably feel the same way when their game is not as good as it should be! So I had a bad run, I’ll get over it–the most important thing is that I ran.

If I can keep at it, I know I’ll get there! Here’s what I’m thinking: Today 13 min    Wed 16 min    Thu 17 min   Fri 18 min   Sat 19 min     Sun 20 min and add one minute to each run after that. So next Saturday I’ll have hit the 25 min mark!

It was really hot outside and I was sweating like crazy before I got home, even more so when I finished running. The sun was already coming out and it could have been part of the reason why I didn’t get to 17 minutes like I wanted. Tomorrow, I’ll try again! I’m realizing all I can do is keep trying. After all any run no matter how bad [distance or time] is better than no run at all. I am going to get to three miles!


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