18:29 Run/ Bike Première

I almost made it home today. I sprinted the last 15 seconds to victory–the stop light at the cross walk. I walked the rest of the way home, but not before I did a fist pump in the air! While on the run a man in a van decided to gain speed even though I saw him way up the road before crossing and he saw me too. I knew I had time to cross. He honked at me after I ran across the street so I put up a finger I don’t even think he saw. The driving here makes me so angry, but at least I used it as energy to get myself home.

I tried to avoid the sun as much as possible since I didn’t put in sun block on. Woops! Well, at least I’ll make sure to wear my visor tomorrow. It’s about 73 degrees now and I’m pretty sure it was about the same when I left at 6:30am.  Anyways, not sure what my pace was because once I finish I turn off my Timex watch and the numbers disappear  as if I had no record at all. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to remember to check?

Run stats: 18:29, 0.19 miles

Overall stats: 0.29 mil, 24 min 26 sec, 162 cal

Today was the première of my bike with its new coat! I hope the newspaper on the seat taped down [I didn’t want the paint to rub on my shorts] and the tape on the handlebars [I shouldn’t have put spray there which made it sticky/the paint rubbed off on my hands!] makes it undesirable to steal! I find my bike to be really safe but I agree with what Tae Yoon said the weekend we met–people want a bike with a nice color. So it’s best to get myself a chain with a key to open it. Also, thinking of getting a seat pad–newspaper isn’t so classy. The bike has not been lacquered or clear coated and I can tell already it’s starting to chip a little. Perhaps I’ll paint it one more time, then coat it…or just not bother. Eventually I want to get a mountain bike anyway so, maybe not put any more work into it at all…


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