It’s Hot!

I had a good day. Kindergarten class went really well. When I looked up at my watch it was already 10:22am! I love teaching Lemons–they’re lots of fun. And today I got to teach them twice (like I do everyday, but this day is special–they’re my only class all morning). In our second class we did a same/different worksheet and made paper craft hippos. Tomorrow we’ll finish whatever is left over from the week. My last elementary class had no writing pages today. That could be because two students were absent.

I got some of the cutting done for next weeks classes, laminating everything tomorrow. There’s no way I’m staying late today. Time to get myself a point card from Home Plus, some cool looking tape for my bike (I really hope it’s still there! It was at lunch time!) and fruit/snacks for school. I was really hungry at 3:30. I’m never hungry then! Guess my lunch wasn’t as filling as I thought!

Gotta go! Pictures coming tomorrow–like I said, I’m not staying late even by five minutes!


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