9:56 Run/ LG Service Center

I took it really easy today as when I got outside it was about 8:15ish. The sun was blazing and I knew I didn’t really feel like going out, plus I knew the sun would be too much. Perhaps going out earlier would have been better for time and distance, but it’s Saturday and I feel more rested when I can wake up when ever.

Run stats: 9:56 run, 0.10 miles, 77 cal

Overall stats: 0.22 miles–this is all I can remember. Currently, I’m at the LG Service Center in Busan waiting to get my computer looked at by an IT guy. I’m so nervous about the price I took out a little less than $300USD to combat the price it’d be to actually fix what’s wrong. My hard drive is wiped out and I’m not sure if I’ve still got a warranty left! I really don’t have the cash to buy a new computer. But if I must, I can do it when I come back to work in Seoul.

Great news though: I went to the dentist today because my bottom retainer had popped off yesterday. While there, I paid my second to last bill! My last payment will be 420,000 won! I could not be happier about it! Seriously, I’ve been paying 450,000 a month plus 1.2 mil for my student loans! But lucky for me, I’ll be better off next year with a new contract and a pay increase. I’ll be saving the money for what once was for my braces for travel. So, I guess it’s not completely over then.

Computer Update

As for my computer, it had a virus! I’m lucky I don’t need to pay anything! Somebody’s looking out for me, really! I couldn’t be more relieved! So much struggle this year–and I’m coming out on top! So my hard drive needs to be repaired if a crash happens again. Well, I have to wait an hour while everything is being put back on my computer. I didn’t have anything on my hard drive that was worth saving. I keep everything on my jump drive.

No more downloading files on my computer–I think it was the  reason the computer caught a virus in the first place. So folks, don’t download movies online! Ye, be warned!

What To Do With The Money I Took Out

Well, I might as well spend a little: I’m going to treat myself to a much needed manicure next weekend and a book from What The Book when I visit my friend Rosalyn for her dogs birthday party in Bundang. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and it’d be great to catch up. I haven’t been to Seoul in a long time and really miss sightseeing up there. Plus, it’ll be cool to run in a new area.

So, that’s it. I really could use a new bathing suit and running tops. I’d like to go swimming in Gimhae tomorrow, but might want to go running instead…So maybe I’ll just eat something around Seomyeon and go home. I can always bike around town if I’m bored.

Thanks for reading,

-Khadijah ❤



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2 responses to “9:56 Run/ LG Service Center

  1. So I take it you decided to come back for a 3rd year? Are you still going to take some time off and go back to the states before starting your next contract?

    • I really don’t want to get all my documents all over again! I think time off might be scratched down to about three weeks or two…my ARC says 9/26 expiry date but my current visa in my passpoirt says 8/26…so I’m not sure which one is really correct. I’ll prob. end up extending the visa and just end up staying stateside until it’s time to come back. A month or two of time off would be ideal though…I’m still trying to figure it out…