22:02 Run :D Oh YEAH!

I was already near my apartment at 21 minutes and noticed I was too early. I was tired but I really wanted to make my time, so I pretty much said the heck with the body being tired, I’m going to make the time I want even if I’ felt as slow as a turtle! So I did! I made it, and all of a sudden I remembered what it felt like to be a runner. I remember why I kept going and why my miles kept adding in 2009. Running is really about pushing yourself and seeing what the body can do when it’s pushed to the max. If you’re really into it, it becomes a competition within yourself to make the time, distance or pace. Eventually you start doing it so much, it’s like second nature and then you’ve realized how far you’ve gone… I also remembered why I stopped and promise to never get lazy again, no excuses. If I want to remain healthy and get fitter I must keep exercising for the rest of my life. And that doesn’t sound bad. It sounds like a great idea .

In fact, I suggest most people get started on the exercise front if not already. The most amazing thing is you don’t have to run if you don’t want [it’s not for everyone], you can just walk–walk everywhere or my favorite–ride a bike!

Having started running again, I feel my body is getting used to it–I’m building endurance and the way I think about my body has changed. I no longer want a McDonald’s burger when lunch isn’t good at school. I don’t want cakes, cookies or coffee during the week. I feel I’m doing so much for myself by running, why should I put crappy things in my body that aren’t good for me? Too much of it is bad and  I don’t want to be fat. Although, the once in a while  rib lunch and brownie aren’t so bad. I still like sweet things, but don’t need it everyday. And this is all within two weeks of running! I think it’s been a month already, maybe three weeks? All it takes is  knowing you want to better your body, self, and mind. It’s that easy!

I sound like a spokesperson! I just know that everyone would feel so much better if they knew the power of exercise and started doing it! It works wonders and can change your life for the better!

Run stats: 22:02, 0.22 miles, 63:45 pace

Overall stats: 31:36, 0.38miles, 206 cal


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