Great Day Feeling Good!

Today was indeed awesome. I got to make rice krispie treats with the Lemons. Some of them really liked marshmellows and some of them didn’t.

Orange class was crazy. They don’t listen, but for a good while I had them hopping and dancing. Kiwi class was awesome. They’re are 18 students in the class and they were just having so much fun jumping, walking and dancing around the room. I had fun too. They listened amazingly and I had little problems keeping their attention. That means I have to keep teaching with spontaniety for the class I have with them tomorrow.

Elementary school wasn’t so bad. My first class hardly showed up and I didn’t want my second class ahead in their books so we worked on cutting our animal books which had classifications inside. They look really nice and tomorrow I’m going to start out with reviewing them tomorrow. My third class went well, they make me smile.

Drama Club Class

Alfie (the kid who hits people on purpose) was doing a charade for trumpet. Well, he hit the student next to him. She blinked and then tears fell. I told him to say sorry and asked him to listen to the teacher. I saw it coming and told him not to get in Cherry’s face while he was acting it out. Then I gave him a writing punishment because he didn’t listen to what I was saying.

I took the whole class out for a talk. I pointed out how great Cherry was–she never gets into trouble and how I call everyone else’s name alound in class-mostly in a deep tone. They were still laughing and their giddy selves. Oh kids! I made them shake on it and say “I will listen to the teacher” twice before sending them back to class…

Patience Is Golden, So Is Silence

Otherwise I really checked myself today regarding patience. I talked softly and tried my best to remain calm. Truth is I’m burnt out. I was going to stay late today but decided against it when I couldn’t find worksheets I was looking for. I tend to get stressed out when I have a long to do list, so instead I broke it up. Everyday I try to do something on the list–like reading worksheets and games for class. It helps to do it in smaller steps otherwise it’s just too much.

Slowing down on that front will make it easier to get through the next two months without feeling completely burned out. Also, I won’t stay late unless it’s necessary. 

Well, that’s all! I feel great! I hope those reading have had a great day as well! 


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