30:43 Run :D :D :D :D :D

I had to do a dance at the end of this one. A woman was trying to tell me something about my breathing as I was huffing while waiting for the light. I nodded and went back on running. I started the run slower than normal and when I felt I could go faster, I did.

I ran up small hill because I was determined to see a mountain view. I stopped at 12 min when I got the the top. I walked and then continued going down hill. The view was incredible! I just wish there was more side-walk to run on. At 15 min. I turned around and went back up, stopping a minute and forty seconds later to catch my breath. Once I walked up, I ran down–that’s where I met the older women who was trying to tell me something about breathing.

It was a great run. I felt it was an easy pace and I was comfortable. I should mix in some sprinting at some point for a faster speed, but I’ll have to find what works for me and work out the distance ratio because I don’t know of a track near by.  I want to run the route again–make my way up the hill and back without stopping. In time, I know I’ll get there.

Stats: 30:43, 0.31miles, 220 cal, .060 speed, 99:59 pace–not sure about that pace…perhaps my watch hasn’t been calibrated in a while and it needs to be adjusted…or maybe I am running that slow.

I go to Seoul tonight via KTX and will be running tomorrow with a running group called the Seoul Flyers at 8am. I’ve never ran with other people before and feel I’ll be the slowest one! But let’s not focus on that. The best part of it all is that  I’ll meet other people from the city and I think it’s important to make connections before I plan on moving there in November!

Today’s going to be great!



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4 responses to “30:43 Run :D :D :D :D :D

  1. todd

    are you sure the mileage calculator is correct? it just seems like an awfully short distance compared to the amount of time… nonetheless, good job!

  2. todd

    well, on average, a moderately healthy person can walk a mile in 20 minutes tops so i think you’re running a mile at the very least… keep up the good work!