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Great day today. I love teaching. I’m starting to understand my elementary students better. My first class has some serious talkers. We’re no longer allowed to punish them by kicking them out. My classroom is pretty small, so I had four boys in small corners writing “I will not talk during class” but then they started to talk to each other while doing their punishment! So, I took them to the 실장님– Mrs. Beck and had them finish their writing there. When they came back they said what they had written and I made them stay after (during the ten minute break) to finish their class work.

My last class was really angry at me today. It’s because the student who causes the most problems–Alfie–was paying attention. I made sure he got a check today, but no one else did. They were fuming as they left. But before Ophilia went out the door she said, “I’m sorry teacher.” and “Goodbye” with a smile. Kids don’t hold on to things very long. I was proud of Ophilia for realizing her actions and apologizing for them. She’s just in third grade but I think it’s a wonderful trait to have at such an age!

I banged out two monthly plans for July and August today and  cleaned out my desk drawer before leaving. It feels really awesome when my things are organized and uncluttered.

I’m becoming more picky about how I run my classes lately. I’m making sure there’s an equal amount of work during the week. I even made a worksheet the other day for my second graders because sometimes you can’t find everything online… But I think having worksheets/coming up with fun activities is better than a class that’s all work Mon-Fri. Anyways, I’m definitely trying my best. 

Teaching is my profession and I want to be excellent at it one day. So I keep going beyond whats needed to make sure my students really understand the material.  I’m becoming one of those teachers who strives for perfection. To save my sanity and not make teaching my entire life,  I don’t stay late and don’t bring my work home.  There’s a point where it’s like I love teaching but I do have a life outside of it.

So excited for this weekend!


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