31:20 Run in Seoul

I didn’t see anyone from Seoul Flyers but did see a woman who looked like she was looking for the same place. We talked on our way to the Han River and ran 31:20 together. Well, it was the hardest run! The sun was out and I’m not used to running in such heat! I also learned I don’t like talking with another person on my run. I’m used to not talking and prefer to take in the scenery. I should have said that! At least for next time I know.

The Han River was awesome, but I was burned out and couldn’t feel my feet at around 25 min. It was an all out struggle to finish, but I made it, sprinting at the end. I’m glad it’s over, the best part is that I did it! No matter how tough it felt.

Time to shower, eat something, head to Itaewon for What the Book–the only place I have on my list at the moment– and then off to Bundang to see Rosalyn! Today’s going to be a hot one, but already a great one indeed!

Stats: 31:20, 0.31 miles, 99: 59 pace, 231 cal


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