1 Year and Ten Months in South Korea/Weekend in Seoul

Wow! I literally have two months before my contract is over! I can’t wait to see my mom in August and go to Beijing with her! Also, I’m finally making a decision. It’s official–I’m staying a third year and want to move to Seoul in November. The rest needs to be figured out by Wednesday this week–where in Seoul I want to live and what my goals are while I’m there. Shouldn’t take too long to jot down some ideas. But I must secure a contract in early October and might need to do some Visa stuff… But enough about that!

Weekend in Seoul

I had a great weekend, but I was absolutely exhausted getting there and coming home. I think next time I’ll come home earlier! Getting in bed at 1:14am and waking up at 7:30am wasn’t much sleep and my feet were still sore from the amount of walking I did! Here’s a short recap: I ran on Saturday morning near the Han River with another runner, I went to Bundang to see my friend Rosalyn, we went out together with her friends there and then headed to Apgujeong after that. We lasted until 3am. I woke up on Sunday morning in Bundang around 7:30am, said goodbye to Rosalyn and headed back for a two-hour train ride to Hongdae (where all my stuff was). Finally I checked out of Hongdae Guesthouse (one of the best hostels in Seoul) and went to Seoul Station to get my ticket home. I felt like there wasn’t enough time if I left at 5, so I decided to give myself until 8. Then I met up with a new friend named Adam. We ate this awesome meal at this really famous place in Myeongdong. It was excellent. We stuck our feet some water and ended our hangout with some Baskin Robins. It was nice, but I was so tired and the heat! MY GOODNESS!

I had a fantastic time in Seoul and spent the last of my money shopping in Myeongdong! Next time, I’ll bring my sneakers and make sure to do more sightseeing!

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2 responses to “1 Year and Ten Months in South Korea/Weekend in Seoul

  1. you’ve figured a lot out, haven’t you? congratulations on doing so well on your own, in such a different environment.