19:48 Run

I woke up to turn off my alarm at 5:50 then went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up until 6:30. My legs felt tight and unready for the run. Mentally I thought I’m tired, but i I go I’ll feel better.  I stopped about three or four times to walk while out there. I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible, made sure I put on sun block, shades, a visor and ice in my water. I also made sure to pour some water over my head when I felt hot. Such a great cooling effect.

I could have  done better but I must go out before the sun rises! Even a little sun and I feel as though it’s slightly similar of Saturday’s exhausting run, just I walked a lot more. But,  I’ve got to get ready for summer. Once my body’s adjusted, the heat won’t be a problem. More sleep means I’m well rested and ready to run the distance. The trip to Seoul and late arrival at home messed me up a bit, but I’m sure I’ll improve on time tomorrow as my goal is to run 30-32 minutes BEFORE the sun goes up!

Stats after checking Map My Run and Runner’s World : 19:48, 1.22 miles, 16:33  pace, 142 cal..I’m calibrating my run tomorrow!!!

In a month I’d like to bring down my pace to 10 min/mile.


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