A Good Tuesday

I sent two kindergarteners to Cherry class because I gave them five warnings and they still didn’t listen. They pulled and tugged and tried not to go inside the classroom. But I made them go. I closed the door on their sad faces. At the end of class I came to get them and sat them outside. I told them if they acted up in my class again, they could go to the baby class as punishment.  They were both crying. Sending them to Cherry class worked.

At first it used to be hard to put on that face. I’m such a goofy person and the kids can really make me laugh. But after 10 months of teaching  kindergarten, I know when to use that stop-it/don’t-do-it look and as well as give high fives and praise.

Elementary school went well. The first class though is still chaos. Getting them to do their work is quite the challenge. My last class was better–two students weren’t there, so we managed to finish half of two pages. I guess I’ve finally got the hang of somethings and not so much of others. But it feels like it’s all coming together well! Tomorrow will be mid-week! For me, it’s going by fast!

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