35:21 Run :D

I just kept running! It’s amazing when you look at your watch and you’ve made it past the marker you normally run to to run back! When I got to my apartment I didn’t slow down! I ran down the rest of the block making it to 35:21–my best time  since I started running again!

I slowed down at 6:30 for water. You’re supposed to drink water every 15 minutes, but I was already thirsty, then again slowed at 12 something at a stop light, and again at 20 something after I had run by another park (the one I talked about yesterday).

It felt like a really good run. I’m amazed I had a surge of energy at the end. That was really nice. At around 30 minutes, my right foot felt numb. It has something to do with circulation, but when I ran in 2009 the more I ran the more it disappeared. Great run! Can’t wait for tomorrows! It was supposed to be my rest day Friday, but I’m too excited about what time I could pull tomorrow and where I’ll end up! WOO HOO!

Stats: 35:21 minutes, 2.55 miles, 256 cal, 13:52 pace!

Now that’s how I would like every run to feel–minus a numb foot! So awesome I was able to do two and a half miles! I’m so going to be ready come race day to run the whole three! Maybe even at a faster pace!


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