42:00 Run: I’m Ready!

At 12:30 I knew I was going faster, so I made my way around Yeonji Park and back home. I think adding a slight incline at the end made my run feel more accomplished. Going up any type of incline and making it, is an accomplishment by itself.   It was all about pushing myself further at 23:00 and then just flat out going farther at 37-minute mark. I made my way around to my apartment at 42 minutes! Finally I made it to 3.22miles! I”M READY FOR THE 5K RACE!  While making my way around Yeonji Park I spotted a runner (not sure of gender) but they waved at me as they sprinted past all the men and women walking along in their hiking gear. I was really exited because I never see runners in the area and it made me feel like I could one day get to that speed…Also before getting to the park, an older women said something about my running and a man walking down the street said something I believe to have been equavilent to “fighting!” in Korean because he did a fist pump in the air. It makes me really pumped when people you don’t know are routing for you to keep going! So positive!

I really want to try going near the river next. There’s never traffic there or high way. Plus, it seems it’d be peaceful to run near the museums and really take in more of Gimhae’s mountains! I’m proud of myself–I’m really ready to run 3 miles for the next couple of days before the race–that is, if I find a place to crash the night before! I’m also looking for other races in Korea and at home. I think in Septemeber, I’ll be ready for a 10K [6.2 miles].

Stats: 42:00, 3.22 miles, 13:02 pace, 310 cal

P.S.–I’d like my next run to be 45 minutes!


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