Classes and Vacation At Home

I felt like crap this morning (just run down, exhausted feeling) so I didn’t go running. I know that to become a better runner/run for the long haul, you must listen to your body. So I did!

Today’s classes went well. My first class was rowdy as always–I had to take three of them outside and one of the three to Mrs. Becks office. But overall, I was happy because they finished their work. Finishing the assigned pages each day is an accomplishment–especially to the more rowdy classes…. I felt like getting jiggy with it during classes so I made up some funny voices  (to get my mind off discipline) and danced around. It was the best when Alfie got up and joined me in dance. It was a good Wednesday–I had one morning class and was able to look up stories for our speech contest in August and did some research on the race I entered and the ones I’d like to enter soon.


While at home, I might run two half marathons races in October. I’ll have run some 5k races, an 8k and a 10k and  have more than enough time to train for it [while running other races in between]. I’m so pumped about going home, seeing family/friends, and getting to travel to NYC, Boston, Austin, Seattle and Los Angeles while racing! It’s going to be awesome! I’m still figuring out the details (hostels and flights) but right after I register for them, I’ll be on my way to racing on both coasts! When I’ve confirmed everything, it’ll be a dream made a reality. OH YEAH!

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