23:11 OK Run

What an hour difference makes! There were a tons of cars on the road and more people. I knew I should have went to sleep at 10, but I wanted to finish painting my nails… Tomorrow is Saturday, and I hope to run 45-50 minutes. It’ll be my long run and yes, I’ll wake up at 5:55am to do it. I want to stay on schedule even on the weekends–I can always go back to sleep if I want after I shower!

Next week, I start training for my 10k in Pohang in August! That’s right after Yeongdeok and the Gimhae 5k–if I make it to Yeongdeok [I still haven’t found a place to sleep or know where the race site is! I’m thinking if I don’t find out today, I’m not going to go 😡 so  I must found out!!] Anyways, I have to register for the Gimhae race today as well–at least if I don’t go to Yeongdeok I still have a 5k to look forward too the weekend after!!!

I started running too fast this morning, but  got my further by at least 20 seconds than normal, so I’m okay with it. I slowed down at 11:29, drank some water and headed back. At 7am there’s not so much running I can do since I like to leave my apartment between 8-8:30…It’s already 8:05–time to make my way out of here fast!

Stats: 23:11, 1.70 miles, 13:38 pace, 172 cal


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