50:46 Run

I made it all the way to Samgyedong to Gusan dong. I was pretty far out. I went a different way during the beginning of the run and found myself around Yeonji Park (the park I always run to) at 21 minutes. I was going turtle slow, but that didn’t stop me from getting to my goal of 50 minutes. The sun was pretty much out during the entire run and will probably stay out all day.

I’ve officially become acquainted with the heat and it felt awesome! I read online yesterday in Runner’s World that runners should stick to a time goal and not worry about mileage. Also, it helps to plan the run time before you run the night before because it makes you stick with it. It worked! I went 46 seconds longer than I put on my run log!

I’m so proud of myself. I’m 10 minutes away from my goal of running an hour six days a week! WOO HOO!

Feels so awesome to actually get in a really good run. My run today and bus ride back home made me realize how big Gimhae really is. I was practically at Kaya University within five minutes of the ride. I definitely  want to explore Gimhae more while riding my bike on Sunday. Maybe go to some of the museums I’ve yet to visit as well…

Stats: 50:46, 3.40 miles, 14:55 pace, 408 cal



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  1. Congrats on this! Running, especially longer distances, is so rewarding. Keep up the good work!