Cafe Jireh at PNU

I’m quite bad at finding the PNU area because I got off at the wrong stop again! Finally though I made it and realized how long it had been since I’d been in the area last. I met up with Kira and we went on a mission to find Cafe Jireh this really trendy place I had found via Google search of “Best waffles in Busan”.

We each had a blueberry waffle with to dollops of ice cream and whip cream. They were fabulous. The guy who worked there (possibly the owner?) offered us free Americanos but I didn’t want coffee. Since about  three weeks ago or more, I stopped buying coffee in stores. I still like to have green tea and milk tea lattes from Dunkin Donuts, but I haven’t been drinking them that often. [OK, so I had one last week…] It saves a ton of money when you just get the sandwich from the menu and grab free water on the side. 4,000 won for a coffee three times a week, four times a month can add up so quickly. I also think I no longer order them because I’m getting serious about running and don’t want crap calories in my body…BUT don’t get me wrong, I’m totally fine with having what’s considered a giant waffle to myself after I ran 50 minutes the day before….

The waffles were great, the service was too. I recommend anyone looking for a good hangout with free wifi, puzzles, magazines and a great vibe to visit Cafe Jireh and make sure to tell them how you found them. I think we might have been the first foreigners to visit!

How to get there: Exit 1 PNU (stop #128) walk towards Busan Bank at the four-way intersection.  Busan Bank should be on your left. Walk some feet and you’ll see Cafe Jireh–it’s on the second floor.

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