Saturday Awesomeness: Japanese Food and Transformers 3

I met up with friends Randy and Kira for a Japanese lunch. I ate this and it was SO GOOD! :

Gachudong--a donkasu patty with raw egg in between, onions, rice and a sweet sauce!

 After we ate we got ice cream at Iceberry and looked at Randy’s pictures from Hong Kong and Macaw. It made me think of how much I really want to make traveling four to six months in Europe a reality next year….After Iceberry we headed to Lotte Department Store to browse. I tried on an expensive ring and got lotions and sun block massaged on my arms. It was like being at a spa for five seconds! I also went into Tiffany’s for the first time. I’ve never seen a diamond up close–they’re quite dazzling. Then we ended the trip back at the movie theaters.

I waited for my friends Ally and Richard to show for Transformers 3 [C+ the end of the movie was the best part] and afterwards we went to Wa Bar for a drink. I then hoped on a train to KSU to meet back up with Kira but realized I needed to be at PNU after I had gotten off the train! I was too far out to go back the way I had came so I headed for the bus terminal to go home.

And that was my awesome Saturday with friends!


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