Monday: Getting Fingerprints at the Police Station

My Monday started off really exhausted. So instead of going running I went to sleep for two hours. I hate it when I don’t go to bed until 12!! It really messes with my running schedule!  So for sure tonight, I’m going to go to bed when I’m tired! I probably shouldn’t have eaten some of the black beans and brown rice dinner I made for Monday night! But it smelled awesome and tasted great….

Todays classes went well. Kindergarten as always rocked. I had the same small problems I always have in my first second grade  class, but we managed to finish our pages, so I take that as a good sign that they know how to listen!

Fingerprints for the FBI

At lunch I went to the police office for finger prints. It pretty much involve me speaking to a police officer over the phone in English while an older police officer (who could have been chief) looked at the papers with his co-worker totally baffled. But as we talked to the English-speaking police officer everything was settled. The whole thing took maybe 30 minutes. At the end Police Officer Kang and I shook hands, I said the formal thank you in Korean and he asked for a picture. So, I smiled as another officer took the photo on his cell phone. Before I left they gave me a cookie which I gladly excepted since I was ravished. All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience and I’m one step closer to having less to worry about in August! Cost of finger prints: FREE!    

I also made sure that the envelope had two stamps on it–one that said the police station name and a more official one on the envelopes seal.

Now: I’m listening to Bob Dylan’s Shot of Love. I’m into it. However, I was surprised by Paul Simon’s album Songs From The Capeman. I’m not a fan. Perhaps I’ll have to give it another shot before completely bagging on it… Anyways, I’m glad I’m listening to more music!



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2 responses to “Monday: Getting Fingerprints at the Police Station

  1. nosdoowbk

    hi- question for you. I just got my finger prints done and at a station in a suburb of seoul and they seem baffled when i asked for a stamp or a seal. the officer finger printing me signed her name and wrote the address of the station. do I really need the seal and stamp?

    • Yes. You really do! Rules are rules. Also, before you send it in MAKE SURE you send a letter with you name, why you’re getting a background check, your SSN, address, email and number in case they need to contact you. I didn’t and my background check never came through! Do it the right way and you won’t have a headache (or spend more money like I did the second time around!).

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! 🙂