51:18 After Fall That Scrapped My Knee :( :D :D

Mother*#$%@#! Its the little scrapes that hurt the most. I tripped today while passing an elementary school. I got two bloody scrapes and a longer light scrape right on my left knee. Rite of passage into the running world–you fall and get up! It makes you stronger and you feel you can do anything! It’s going to hurt–but I’ll just ignore it while I go to school via bike and eventually walk up and down the stairs throughout the day. Lucky for me, I only have two classes this morning!!

After my run I decided to do push ups as part of the strength training  for the 10K in August…I can do five push ups without feeling completely sucked of energy…I’m sure I’ll get even better when I do them on Thursday. I’ll need to work other muscle groups too, but have to do some research so I’m more informed of what I’m doing and how to do them.

Stats: 51:18, 3.83 miles, 13:23 pace, 373 cal (Woo almost 4 MILES! YES!)


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