25:23 Really Easy Turtle-Slow Run

This was probably the easiest run in my history of runs. I felt I was holding myself back consciously. Perhaps I was unconsciously thinking about Sunday’s run  in Yeongdeok and that’s why I did it. To hold myself back from going too fast in the beginning only to struggle in the end! The biggest reason was because  the shirt I wore was too breathable and made me feel I wasn’t secure enough on top.  Anyways, the run felt great even at 7:05am! I think I  should always wake up at 6:50 every morning–I get an hour more of  sleep and feel better rested!

I beat the rain by 15 minutes! It was coming down pretty hard five minutes ago and it looks like I might not bike into work this morning… Time for rain boots!

Stats: 25:23, 1.32 miles, 19:13 pace, 185 cal


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