Yeongdeok Adventure: Jitters and Relief :O

I’m freaking out now because I purchased a room, texted the motel I’m supposed to stay at, only to find out I needed to call! I called the number, told them my name and said “Paid today tomorrow” in the only Korean I knew, which was exactly that way. The man on the line asked me a question I asked “again” because I couldn’t hear (a car was driving by outside)…well, the man hung up on me.

THEN after I talked with Amy, I realized I sent the text to the WRONG NUMBER! I’ve been nervous since 4:30pm and I guess I hadn’t shaken it by then. Anyways, I just received a message back that says what I think means I’ve paid.

I’m OKAY!  Amy handled it!!!!  I couldn’t have done any of this (place/lodging) without her! She’s the best! And I’m totally running Sunday for her! 

I’m going to go after my morning run tomorrow. It’ll be a light 30-40 minutes to rid myself of nerves and to add to my two day run this week. I’ve been slacking  these days: Tuesday I ran 51 minutes and  got hurt, Wednesday–my arm hurt like crazy from push ups, Thursday–I just slept in and Friday–pretty much I just didn’t wake up until 7:30…

Perhaps it’s not completely ideal for the 5K I’ve got next weekend in Jangyu (at least four days of running that week is needed)–but I’m not worried about running all of  Sunday’s 5K,  I already know my body is used to running, I’m just thinking about starting off slowly and controlling myself like I did Tuesday! I’m sure I’ll be nervous…I can’t help it–it’ll be my first race experience ever! Whatever the outcome, I’m sure I’ll have a cool story to tell…

Wish me luck!



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