5:26am 45:50 Run in Some Heavy Rain

WOO! I’m on a roll this morning. I’ve been up since 5am. I couldn’t go back to sleep and figured I was ready to get in a run. It was raining the entire time and rained twice pretty heavily. At least I can say now that I’ve done a run in real rainy weather, and I’ve proved I’m tough. [haha]  Rain isn’t a problem. Neither is getting soaked, but when it goes light to heavy rain in seconds, it’s just unexpected and something to get used too. I had to tip toe doing the run twice because of two large puddles… I’m pretty sure my shoes were wet because I ran right through one.

My visor is wet too, but no biggie. Plastic bags around it and my shoes should settle it. I thought about going on the 7:10 bus to Pohang, but am giving myself time to make sure I don’t feel rushed, have packed as light as possible/have what I need and that I have time to make a hot  breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.

I should shower, I’ve got at least an hour and fifteen minutes to get it all done!

Stats: 45:50, 3.26 miles, 14:03 pace, 333 cal

 [I started off too fast, struggled to maintain a steady pace but finally got there in the middle and ended with a good sprint to my apartment. It was difficult at first on top of the sudden weather change, but I made it back feeling really good that I accomplished the run! My goal for this race has nothing to do with a specific time goal. It’s all about finishing the race with a big smile.] 

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