Yeongdeok 5K: 파이팅!!! (Fighting!)

It wasn’t too bad of a bus ride (two transfers and four plus hours later) but  I got to where I needed to be. When I got off the bus in a remote area, I went to the police station for help because I had no idea where the motel was. And the police officer drove me there! It was literally a 5 minute drive, but more like a 10 minute walk in never-ending rain. I thanked him and we parted.

The motel was awesome. And big enough for two people. Next time, I’d like someone to come along with me, even if just to hangout at the beach. I got myself some lunch at a super market and took a nice two hour nap. Then I watched 15 Minutes on VHS courtesy of the motel. I know–VHS!

The next morning I woke up at 7am, and got a good luck text from my dad. I was so nervous. I walked down to the race site an hour and twenty minutes before I had to be there. Now, I know to go down at least thirty minutes before the race starts. Anyways, I was walking around (had to put my umbrella somewhere) and I couldn’t shake the feelings of nervousness. Fullers, halfers, 10kers and 5kers were all stretching, moving around, all jittery like myself. And most  of them were Korean. I saw a group small group of foreigners, but I didn’t see them until the race for the fullers had started. There was a chance to have my photo taken with other foreigners, but I was literally too nervous to move. So, when the fireworks went off and the clock started for my race, I ran (in the back where it’s smart for slow runners like me). There were kids there too and people of  all ages. I have to admit, it felt good knowing I passed some people while at a steady pace–even if more experienced runners had past me on their way to the finish line.

Running on road asphalt is really straining. I stopped twice to walk because my right shin was hurting. I got angry, but  thought if I’m going to be a smart, better, stronger (and faster runner eventually) I’ll have to listen when my body tells me it’s time for a  break. I have to get it in my head it’s okay to stop, even if my mind is completely against it. I’ll have a longer running lifestyle  and prevent myself from getting injuries if I just listen! During the run, I got tons  of encouragement from strangers with words like “fighting” along with  fist pumps in the air. Everyone was so awesome, it was like for those few seconds I was just coasting along, waving and smiling…That was cool.

My PR (Personal Record) for the 5k is 42:41. I sprinted to the finish with all I had left. I was relieved when I finished because though it was a hard one, I made it to my goal: I finished the race! And that was the highlight of my weekend!

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3 responses to “Yeongdeok 5K: 파이팅!!! (Fighting!)

  1. Awesome. I’m glad you decided to go. =]

  2. mahythesis

    It sounds like you had a greatly worthwhile adventure on the weekend.
    Well done, Khadijah!
    Julian W.