1:06:07 Run

I couldn’t explain why I felt like stopping at 19 and 21 minutes, but my body was having a hard time. I stopped again at 26 minutes to assess the situation. Instead of thinking negatively, I decided I would at least run the next four minutes and could decide later if I was going to run any further. Well, it was between 30-32 minutes where something changed. A light popped on and there I was going up a slight incline, wanting to see what was at the top. I made it to the top and felt really calm. At around 45 minutes, I felt like I was floating or coasting on the run. That’s when the run feels really good and you can keep going without much effort (physically or mentally). But then at around 51 minutes my body felt like dropping to the floor. I thought perhaps I was over heated, so I threw some water on myself… At 56 minutes I could have waved down a cab.

I had just enough water for a pour over my head but my body was really tired. I told myself this is what endurance felt like. The more I push myself to finish the run, the better my results will be one week down the road. I managed another sprint to my apartment, and knew I could have dropped dead if I had to continue another minute…

I’m going to lay off  tomorrow by only doing 45-50 minutes. I just don’t know what it was today, but I struggled in the beginning, in the middle it was really awesome and in the end I wanted to crash and burn…I’ll have to do some research on what that could have been and ease off when I feel really tired!

Stats: 1:06:07, 4.74 miles, 13:56 pace


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