Emotional Students/Running

In my first class students that never fight or hit each other did so.  I happened to see the punch (and not the kick) and when I caught it, I immediately dealt with it. The boys started crying. I went out for Mrs. Beck but she wasn’t there so I kept talking to them and evnetually left them so cry it out silently by themselves and continued on with class. Even though I talked to my co-teacher afterwards, I still didn’t understand why they fought in the first place. But at least they returned to their normal selfs after crying it out.

In my second and third class everything went well.

In my last class everyone was upset. The boys took another girls notebook and blew into it (making that sputter sound)…I assumed the notebook had been one of the boys and didn’t think of anything of it, but still told them to stop. She started to sniffle and I told her she shouldn’t have had her notebook out in the first place. I also reprimanded the boys for taking something that didn’t belong to them and told them to apologize.

After that I told them to be quiet and that they couldn’t speak in Korean or English. One of the boys remained really angry. I told them they could be angry but it wouldn’t solve anything. I’m sure they were over it within five minutes after class. Sometimes they get  attitudes when I repremand them for being disruptive, but that’s just how they see the world at the moment….They’ll be all smiles tomorrow just like they always are!


I woke up this morning at 5:50, reset my alarm to 6:25 and slept another hour. I couldn’t get myself out of bed and felt like my body was worn down. My hamstring hurt a little (felt a bit tight) so I thought it best not to put any strain on it. I know I’m not ready to run an hour six days a week, but I at least know I can do so at least three times a week with recovery periods. I don’t want to end up straining my body too much I can’t run my 10K in August. So I’m taking slow baby steps to get to that goal. No more than ten percent a week with adding miles and I’m sticking by that rule.

I’m excited about the race and know with enough rest and balance between hard/easy running, I’ll have a better PR on Sunday. Tomorrow’s run is going to rock!

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