1:09:07 Run

Heavy rain and winds this morning. It felt really refreshing, not so much the wind though. My runner’s high is at its peak between 28-45 minutes it’s at 55 minutes today I wanted to just stop [I was really tired/exhausted]. I’ve got to have a half point mark but it’s so much fun being able to see how far I can get in ten minutes. I have an ego and it pretty much tells me you can get to that stop light–just go to the stop light that’s farther than Wednesday’s run and a new PR… My turn around point was 36 minutes today  but I’ve got to be firm no matter how excited I am about running more and make sure to turn around at 30 minutes! It’s the only way I’ll stop running over an hour and stick to the plan–run an hour six days a week!

So glad it’s Friday!

Stats: 1:09:07, 5.07 miles, 13:37 pace


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