A Fun Friday With Pizza

Kindergarten went pretty well. I had lots of energy and ran around with my students for at least half of the period.

Elementary school went well too. After finishing some pages/reviewing material completed yesterday, we watched a video about making pizza  in both second grade classes (I narrated, the video just had music) and they ate pizza. They were so excited. The second class chanted” Pizza, pizza!” and wanted to change the schedule and have pizza first. It’s funny how quick students will get it together (sitting nicely, being quiet) when the reward is food. Actually their books have a food theme every month. I didn’t have time or the cash to shell out to buy all the mini pizzas (do those even exist in Korea?) so I bought 5,000 won pizzas instead. A total of 20,000 won. Not bad. I didn’t ask my school for a cent because we didn’t actually make anything. It would have been different if it were quesadillas or sandwiches…

I’ve decided my other two classes will get a pizza party instead of gift box presents. They felt a little left out, my last class (the pizza was gone) so I wanted to make them feel special too. 20,000 won isn’t so bad with 15 students. Breaking it up is a great idea. I think for the other classes we’ll make hoddeok (6,000 won for two boxes). That’ll be about 26,000 won (pizza and hoddeok) but it’d be worth it. Maybe I’ll do it in three weeks/ right before their speech contest and pop song performances…

The smiles on their faces and excitement in their eyes made me realize how cool it is to just have fun. During pizza time, I showed them some Disney clips from The Lion King (1st class) and Hocus Pocus (2nd class) via YouTube. I figured ten minutes of watching something fun isn’t so bad, especially if we did school work before.

Anyways, that makes me think about showing Lemon class Nemo next Friday –maybe we could also make a fish craft too! Awesome, sounds like fun!


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