One Year and Eleven Months in South Korea

Maybe it was because this marks my year and eleven months in South Korea,  but my first elementary school class did exceptionally well today in terms of behavior. I was shocked. It’s like they had finally become the students I’ve always known they could be!

My other classes went fine, but some of the girls get on each other’s cases sometimes and it makes them cry or get attitudes. I ask if they’re okay and then continue with class when I know it’s nothing serious. They shouldn’t be allowed to talk to each other. They know the rules (3. Try to speak English), but kids are kids and I can’t stop them from saying hello or a how’s it going to the person next to them, especially if they’re friends. It’s just that girls can be really mean to each other.  Guess I should enforce the rule of no talking unless I ask them to speak….

Anyways, the rest of the day went fine. It started raining when I left school, so I hurried home to make the best tasting store-bought jajang sauce ever. I put  Ottogi brand jajang sauce over some ramen noodles. It was excellent! I recommend the packet to anyone who ever needs a quick dinner when they’re really hungry and can’t wait thirty minutes to make something that requires more effort.

Best part of my day: Going into Cherry class to get some papers I printed and being welcomed by three students one after the other with hugs and kisses! So adorable. I’m happy I get to teach them tomorrow! I look forward to our class time!

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