54:27 Run :D

This run felt really good. Today, I went a new route, got to see beautiful  mountain side and found a Buddhist temple along the way.

I loved the run, but wasn’t too keen on the large dog that started barking at me. I had to stop running and walk until out of its sight. The barking made me nervous. The great part was that I got to see a fantastic mountain, running around it made me feel awesome. The bad part was that most of the run was done on brick walkway with major cracks so I made sure I didn’t fall by  using the street every once in a while.

The cool part: I had four people say fighting and good morning to me while on my run. That was really awesome. Running is fun especially if you have kind strangers rooting you on.

In conclusion: I think I need to stay on the bike path to avoid large dogs and brick pavement–it’s a lot harder on my legs/feet and not so awesome I have to suddenly walk when I’d rather run.  So tomorrow, I’m making sure to say on the path and turn around at the 30 minute mark for a total of 60 minutes.

Stats: 54:27, 4.04 miles, 13:28 pace


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  1. aaron o. martin, jr.

    My goodness, you have just turned into quite an athlete! Just keep pushing yourself!