1:24:06 Run

I started off a bit too fast but found a normal pace and was just fine after I retied my shoes. My run started on bike path, and when the road ran out, I went on a field path. It was nice seeing the greenery. I ended up in Chilsan and had to turn around because I saw a large dog on the way. It growled when it saw me so I just walked away until out of sight. Actually, on the way to a gas station, I saw a large black dog and ran on the other side of the road until there was no more road to go on. (After that I saw another small dog while leaving the highway, in the country side, all people have are dogs!)

I was pretty much out in the country after that. Nothing but small road and old men and women picking plants along the way. I saw some older men (grandpa age I assumed) sitting down at a table just talking. They said hello and we waved at each other. That pumped up my run a bit. It was really amazing to see such greenery. But there were dogs galore. I saw a jindo on a leash (and another just in a yard unleashed right afterward) so I stopped  running and walked  for a good five minutes until I felt it safe to run again.

I ran to Jangyu–6.07 miles! I could have kept going, but at that point I was out of water.  I knew after two minutes of standing still (waiting for a light to change) I couldn’t go farther because a wave of tiredness kicked in. I bought some water near the bus stop and stretched a little. That’s when some older women came up to me and touched my hair. There was a good five-minute conversation about it, even a haumoni (grandmother) came over and chatted with the other women about it. I answered some questions about my hair and where I was from, rolled my ankles, laughed at a joke and then got on the bus back home.

The run felt really good and I’m amazed I ran for so long! I wonder how far I’ll go next weekend. I know tomorrow, I’d like to run 50 minutes to an hour. But, it’ll depend on how I feel. I also need to research on what to do when I see dogs. I think I was more afraid of that then side walk running out!

Stats: 1:24:06, 6.07 miles (9.76km)  13:51 pace


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