Weekend Recap: Fun Fun Fun


  • Thai food in Gimhae with Mila and her husband Sangkook. The Pad Thai rocked!
  • Found a 29,000 won swim suit at Lotte Department Store!


  • Gwangalli Beach and Fuzzy Navel burritos with a pineapple martini with Ally, Richard and Ally’s dog Roxy!
  • Took an hour plus nap on the beach. So relaxing!
  • Went to Gimhae and wrote two letters to my friends from home while eating a small gelato waffle. Cafe Bene rocks. The White Mocha Frapeno was nasty though—too much sugar, I  pretty much think I’ve sworn off sugary coffee drinks for good! (Yuck!)

Awesome weekend. Good friends and good food. A win-win every time!


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5 responses to “Weekend Recap: Fun Fun Fun

  1. aaron o. martin, jr.

    Your blog is incredible. keep writing!!


  2. Hey where’s that Thai restaurant at? I’m always looking for a good Pad Thai!

    • It’s in Shinae, if you take the route from Home Plus, straight past the library and follow that road until you hit Shinae, it’s right around the corner from Lafuma–it’s pretty tucked away. I was going to try to go for Indian or Morrocan next time since there are other awesome places around the same area.. It’s like three blocks down from Lafuma on a little side street. I hope that helps!

  3. Thanks! If I’m ever in that area I’ll try to find it. 🙂

  4. ICJ

    Thanks for posting~~