1:00:53 Run

It was already just 56 minutes on my watch when I was at least a minute and a half away from my apartment. To get the time of an hour, I ran past my apartment and back for a  total of 1:00:53. It felt good, but at 54 minutes my body was finished. Somehow though the body pushes through–it’s all the mind from there on in. I guess that’s why running is all mental and I feel my best when my mind is in running mode…I wonder how far I’ll go tomorrow.  I did 11 push ups and jumped high on both legs after stretching. More strength training Wednesday!

This week I’m trying out my goal of running an hour everyday until I reach Saturday for a 1:34:00 run and rest on Sunday. I wonder if my body will be able to handle it. I think I’m ready, but I won’t really know until I wake up on the third or fourth day. Fighting!

Stats: 1:00:53, 4.57 miles, 13:19 pace


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