1:29:28 Run

What a run! At 1:15:00 I was already drop dead tired. So I rested/stretched for at least 5 minutes before trudging on. My run had to end soon, I had little water left and my feet were exhausted. So I told myself I would run the last few minutes to HomePlus. I wasn’t worried about making my 1:34:00 mark. I did the best my body and mind would allow and  knew I had run a lot farther than my first 50 minute long run. I knew that because I made it about 15 minutes earlier to the  area I ran before the first time. It felt good to know my body was in good condition!

After all the time I put into  almost three months of running, I can see that my long runs are really paying off. I can go farther in less time and that makes me incredibly happy. Well, I know for sure I’m ready for the 10K race in August. I even went up a massive incline today, ran it slow so I could stop at the top and not be completely out of breath. 

 I’m starting to notice the father out I go, the remote it gets. I don’t like it. I love scenery, but I need to be around building so I don’t feel like I’m in country.  It’s no fun when the road just runs out. So, I’ll have to make more turns during my runs. Always have a Family Mart or convient store in my sight–when I need water. I also want to start bringing my card. Having cash is good, but I felt I ran out when I stopped to get water and took a cab home from HomePlus…

Perhaps I’ll try a new incline tomorrow near the museums. That should be lots of fun for the legs. Plus, I want to make sure I can make it up and down hills if the Pohang 10K requires it! I’ll have to Google map it later on.

Stats: 1:29:28, 6.45 miles (10.38km), 13:52 pace — a new PR! Woo hoo!

Weather stats: 80 degrees, 79% humidity –it was pretty tiring at first, but I made it through with water and walking breaks. I’m not completely opposed to walking when I truly need to. Avoiding heat stroke and injury are my top priorities when running on top of getting exercise and building endurance. Since I don’t want to faint out there, I’m more comfortable with taking a short walk break. Eventually down the road, I can run farther and faster! And that part is already happening!


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