Vacation: Day 2–Haeundae Beach (July 30th)

I’ve never seen a beach so incredibly crowded in my life. Even though it was crowded, I found myself a nice spot, paid 5,000 won for a parasol umbrella and laid down. I waited about an hour and a half to get into the water because I scarfed down a Breeze Burn’s original and some chocolate shake about fifteen minutes before. I tried to nap but found it hard to because it was too hot. 

My goal at the beach was to go into the water. It was freezing. I thought swimming and jumping around would do it, but my ears started to hurt after having my head underwater/it being so cold, so I spent maybe 20 minutes or so trying to keep warm and not collide with parents and their kids. After that I took my camera and wallet and walked down the beach in my swimsuit.

I was so proud to wear my bathing suit because I knew I looked good. Plus, I got a whistle from a group of Indian guys that walked by. I got some double looks too from Koreans–not from the one piece but because they’d never seen a black person before. Also some Korean guys  said “Good! Good!” as I walked by. I felt pretty awesome and walked with a ton of confidence. I felt like a model who owned the catwalk!

A perfect Saturday: a new running PR and a great time at the beach.

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