6:26pm on Sunday

I decided to nap after eating breakfast and didn’t wake back up until 2 something. I showered, dressed and went down the street to Paris Baguette for a late lunch. I ate a small chicken salad with almonds [I dig chicken salad now], a pizza square, a dough twist and polished it off with a strawberry smoothie. It was great.  

I bought a bag of bread to replace the one with only two pieces left in my fridge. I went home, thinking I might get rained on, put the bag in my fridge, cleaned out my food trash from the freezer and watched The Bourne Supremacy. Oh yeah, I also painted my nails.

It’s just 6:30 and the day isn’t over yet.  I think I’ll take some pictures in my apartment, clear out the last of thing things I really don’t need, wash my hair and post the pictures online when finished. Sounds like a plan. Time to get going!

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