Busan Aquarium

I feel as though I had been ripped off. Sure I saw some interesting fish and learned there are different types of jelly fish, but I didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth. The line was long to get in and the place was crowded–everyone snapping pictures with their flash on, bumping into everyone, trying to squeeze in a get a close up of a sea animals and just not getting the best pictures because it was dimly lit. 

Got to see my first shark up close. They really do look that angry. Overall, it was okay. But for 18,000 won I should have gotten a pen or a coupon to something like the 3D rider they had–I would have ridden in it!

Afterwards I went to Shinsegae Department Store where they had samba dancers perform.  Now, I  want to go to Brazil, watch the carnival, learn some Portuguese and meet author Paulo Coelho. That would be so awesome!  

For videos of the aquarium and samba dancing go to www.youtube.com/onlyinkorea87.

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