41:20 Run

I felt a light drizzle throughout the run and was afraid to get rained on since I haven’t been wearing my visor for about a week or more. So, I made the run really short. I felt as though I started off fast and slowed down as I continued, but it was faster than yesterday’s time, but also fewer miles. I checked in my running log and I ran .16 miles less with a time of 48 minutes and a pace of 17:03 per mile on the 6th. I’m improving so much, even though it feels like I’m going backwards due to humidity!

The summer will be over soon and my pace will be faster once the weather cools down. I’m really excited about running in California (near the beach!) and at home (around monuments and memorials) it sure will be different scenery and I’m looking forward to new routes/longer runs!

Running stats: 41:20, 2.98 miles, 13:52 pace

Weather: 77F, 83% humidity


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