Great Thursday/ Suggestions: Vacation at Home

I’m so glad I kept my Easy True Stories books Margot (an ESOL teacher in Ithaca) gave me before I left college! [Thanks Margot!] They’ve come in handy since I got to Korea. Even more perfect since textbooks are finished. They’re interesting, fun and educational! So, great for me to not have to look anything up online for the umpteenth time.

So I’m down to five days of teaching and 7 days left in Korea… I’m beyond excited about going, sad about leaving and nervous about what I’ll do while on vacation because there’s only so much running a person can do before the body gives out. That’s a whole 8-12 hours I have nothing to do…

Any suggestions? I live in Washington, D.C. and haven’t been home in two years (tomorrow). What’s new? What can I do to fill the time? I’m certain I won’t find a job for two months…so what do I do during the day? To give you an idea of what I’m interested in: running, biking, writing, travel (not to far or frequent) and of course volunteering (an ESL class would be super or a kids program somewhere).

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