Last Run in Gimhae: 25:50

I didn’t feel as though I went very far, but I’m very happy with my pace! All of a sudden the weather is cooling off and I’m getting faster! Eventually, I’d like to be at a 10-minute mile. I can’t wait to run in Monterey–the beach view will be awesome!

Anyways, I’m confident about running tomorrow or rather today since I’ll be going back in time. I’m excited about getting new running shoes when I get back home, something more molded to my feet and finally find out what type of pronation I have. Should be great to go to a store, find a running group, join and meet new people.

Well, it was fun, but it’s time for a new adventure!

Running stats: 25:50, 2.03 miles, 12:43 pace

Weather: 70F, 88% humidity


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