Being Back in the USA: Monterey 1

I’ve been in Monterey for two days with my mom. We ate food on the Fisherman’s Warf, but it wasn’t all that awesome in taste. Yesterday, the temperature was about 50-55 F the night before so  we decided it best to buy long clothing today since the shorts, short sleeve shirts and dresses wouldn’t do us any good while in a colder climate. I also got a prepaid phone and an adapter for my computer. 

The only thing I’ve noticed difference from Korea to America  is how fat people are. I noticed some really obese men and women in the area. To be honest, it’s made me want to run more. I know what happened to me when I stopped running a year ago and promise to never let myself get lazy again! So, I plan to wake up at 5:55am and go on an hour run tomorrow…

Feels good to be back in the USA!


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