Being Back in the USA: Monterey Part IV

Today, I had breakfast at a bagel place down the street from the hotel. There was way too much cream cheese on the bagel. The iced Chai was great though. After breakfast, I went to Walgreens for some toiletries and September’s issue of Runner’s World.

Back from Walgreens, my mom and I went down the road to the Museum of Monterey and then went off to find info about antique shops at the information center. Would you have guessed the man who worked there had lived in Pyeongtaek and Seoul? There are tons of milatary stationed in South Korea, so it makes sense, but still–what a small world! After walking around we went to eat Mexican at El Polomar. The meals were excellent.

That was our day. Pretty relaxed. Tomorrow, we make a day trip to San Francisco–should be awesome!

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