42:36 Run– Home Sweet Home!

Today I got to run in my home city of Washington, D.C. It was a nice run–started off fast in the beginning then slowed down to keep up a balanced heart rate. I’m pretty sure I just added a new personal record! I’ve never ran 12:33 before since I started running again in May, so I’m really happy about that. I had two people give me encouragement while running. It was nice. After running to a stopping point, I thought about continuing on towards the Jefferson Memorial, but I ended the run there. I figured my feet (which were numb) and my calves (which were sore) would thank me for not pushing too hard the first run in town. The surface is a lot different from what I’m used to. From soft paved bicycle paths to concrete sidewalks. My legs are going to remember its  impact so holding off to do a longer run tomorrow is a smart idea. Plus I had a few side stitches that were really irritating…

It’s just 9:45am this morning and I’ve run, showered and eaten breakfast. I’m ready to bike outside–there are rental bikes down the street from my house– they only cost $5 a day! The city of D.C. is becoming a lot more health conscious for sure. On my run, I saw many bikers and runners. It made me want to join running groups as soon as I can!

Running stats: 42:36, 3.39 miles, 12:33 NEW PR!!!

Weather: 77F, 75% humidity


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