Shopping at Wheaton Mall

I woke up close to 9:30 this morning. I need to stop watching Tv until three am! It’s cutting into my running and that can’t happen again. I guess I let it slide because I had to go shopping for clothes. There’s not much in my closet but exercise clothes and dresses. I don’t really want to wear flip-flops all day long when I’m walking around and my running shoes are much more appropriate for the walking I do.

Immediately after waking up I showered, dressed, ate cereal and reserved my hostel for my visit to Austin at the end of September. After doing all that I went to the mall to buy much-needed clothes. I got a pair of jeans and two t-shirts for $38.16! Best deals at Aeropostale, seriously! I was happy with what I bought, and how much I spent so I went to eat food in the food court. I was starving, but I felt the server gave me too much as I asked twice to put some food back. It was gross anyway. Next time, I’ll eat at home. Lesson learned on that.

Tomorrow, I’ve got lots of things to do after running: revise my résumé,  put my disposal camera in the shop, go to the DMV, buy tickets for upcoming trips and apply to jobs in Korea. So tonight, I’m turning the TV off at 10pm  to make sure it all happens! FIGHTING!


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