21:33 Run: Quitting is for Losers…

I went to meet up for the ladies run at Fleet Feet tonight. There were three other women in the group. We all set out to start the run and each of them were Speedy Gonzales’s. Even a little boy said that I was behind them. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Then it started pouring. I basically ran back to my house from the store, the other three were way ahead of me. I was a 13/min mile and they were definitely at 7 minutes. Today, I wasn’t very proud of myself. I want to be better at running, I want to get faster at running 5ks and I want to lose weight. I know that if I keep up with being consistent, going farther and setting myself up with small doable goals I will get there. Like I need to be my own cheering crowd–I need to be my own coach too.

I can be so tough on myself and I felt today was just that. In order to step it up a notch, I need to start training for my races, mix up routes and most importantly make sure I stick with it. It’s time to really get it started.

I learned that I don’t want to quit running, I want to improve and get my body fit. Sure, I’ve come far in the past three months, but I can do better. And I will. Fighting!

Running stats: 21:3?, 1.73 miles

Weather: heavy rain


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